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I have tried all of the other products on the market today what makes Scent Thief different from all the others?

What differentiates Scent Thief is that all other products try to cover up or eliminate human and other types of odors. Scent Thief eliminates an animals ability to smell any odors.

What is the shelf life of Scent Thief.

Through extensive lab testing Scent Thief was determined to have extended shelf life.

Do you have refills for the spray bottles?
Yes, the 32oz refills will be available 3rd quarter 2016. We have 1 gallon jugs available for purchase at this time.
How long has this product been in production?
Scent Thief has been under development for 20 years with 5 years of extensive field testing and was placed on the market in mid 2015.
Do you have any other products?
Yes, we have a number of other products that can be viewed and ordered on our website.
Are there environmental conditions where the product doesn't work as well?
Scent Thief still works under extreme conditions such as rain and high wind. We recommend applying Scent Thief multiple times during the day under these conditions.
How frequently should you apply Scent Thief during the day?
Under normal conditions once or twice a day is sufficient.
Does this product contain any chemicals or preservatives?

No, this product contains no chemicals or preservatives - it is organic.

Is there an odor to the spray?
Yes there are elements in the product that lulls an animal into a relaxed state, these elements have a smell.